We All Have It At Home, But Do You Know How To Use It?


Whenever we prepare a fresh brew of coffee, we throw away the coffee grounds immediately.

However, rarely anyone is aware that the grounds on the bottom of our mug can actually be used in many ways.

When you’re done with your cuppa Joe, take the grounds out on a paper and put it in the oven so it dries.

The dry coffee grounds can then be used as an exfoliator, soap substitute and in other fun ways.

Here’s what coffee grounds can help you with:

A Great Cellulite Remover

Caffeine is the major compound in coffee, so there’s a lot of it in coffee grounds as well. Caffeine is a big part of many anti-cellulite products, which means that coffee grounds work just as well. Rub them on the affected areas of your body mixed with olive or coconut oil and your cellulite should disappear soon.

Eliminate Dark Bags Under The Eyes

Mix some coffee grounds with a bit of olive oil, then rub them under your eyes to eliminate the ugly bags.

A Great Soap Substitute

Forgot you’re run out of soap? Don’t worry – coffee grounds are a great substitute which will “peel” dirt off your skin.

Neutralize Odors

If you have a nasty odor coming from your fridge or the trashcan, simply put dry coffee grounds on a piece of paper and leave them there for a few days. You will be surprised by the results in the end!

Hair Energizer

Rubbing dry coffee grounds in your hair will nourish it with nutrients and breathe new life into it.

A Natural Pot Cleaner

The mild abrasive texture of coffee grounds makes them an excellent natural cleaning product for pots, pans and various surfaces in your home.

Grill Cleaner

Preparing the grill for that picnic you’ve been waiting for weeks, but it looks grimy and sticky? There’s a simple solution to that! Put a bit of dry coffee grounds on a sponge, then rub the grill right away. It will bring back its shine in just 5 minutes!

Repel Fleas

The best natural way of repelling fleas from catching onto your pet’s fur is to rub coffee grounds on them. The same method works if the fleas have already infested your dog.

Repel Ants

If you’ve got an ant problem at home, just sprinkle coffee grounds on the areas you’ve noticed them. They will never come back.

Plant Fertilizer

If you want to fertilize your plants naturally and for cheap, coffee grounds are the perfect option. The grounds contain nutrients which the plants need to grow.

Repel Snails

Want to get snails off your garden? Use coffee grounds – just sprinkle a bit on the soil around your plants and the snails will never come back.

Prevent Your Cats From Scratching Furniture

If you want to stop you cats from scratching your furniture all the time, coffee grounds are the best option. Sprinkle some around your furniture and the cats will stay away as they hate the smell of coffee.

Repel Mosquitoes And Wasps

To repel the annoying mosquitoes and wasps in the summer, rub some coffee grounds on your hands and legs. This should keep the insects away from you and prevent nasty bites and stings.

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