Transform Your Bedroom With This Light-Up Headboard


Looking to add a little sparkle to your bedroom?

This DIY project is exactly what you need! Whether you’re lacking light (I know I don’t have overhead lighting, so I have to get creative wherever I can) or you’re just looking to add something special to the atmosphere of your room, this project is easy to accomplish and comes out looking magical.

Watch the video below to see what materials you’ll need to pull off this amazing bedroom DIY.

Depending on how comfortable you are with an electric drill, you might want to get some help hanging up the curtain rod, which is the base of the project. But if you’re a whiz with a drill, go for it.

Put up Command strip hanging hooks and drape the lights from each hook, hanging the thin white curtains over the lights to create a lovely effect. Instead of opting for a traditional headboard, this cute DIY is a creative alternative!


– Curtain rod
– Mini lights
– Hanging hooks
– Sheer white curtain rods

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