Top 10 Alkaline Foods You Must Include in Your Diet


The acidity level in our body can cause many complications if it goes up or it drops down. The acidity in our blood corresponds to the food we eat.

And you may not notice it, but a lot of our modern food can produce more acid in our blood. If you have been eating more bread, meat, legumes or fried food lately, then your acidity level may be higher. But you can easily balance this out by having alkaline foods.

After some studies, researchers found alkaline foods does not just balance the acidity level in the body. Alkaline foods can actually help the body gain more energy and promote a healthier immune system. Alkaline foods can also help the body maintain an ideal weight, lower blood pressure, prevent heart diseases and other diseases like cancer. This is why it is ideal to have an alkaline food mixed in with your daily diet.

You may not realize it, but you may have some of these alkaline foods in your diet already. Here are ten of the best alkaline foods you can add to your diet to achieve optimum health.

Garlic is known to help the body in numerous ways, especially when it comes to heart health. It can lower blood pressure which can start the process of having a normal, healthy cardiovascular system. Garlic also cleanses the liver and help fight diseases.

To many, lemon as alkaline food does not make any sense since it is sour to the taste. Make no mistake, though it is sour, lemons are considered to be one of the best, if not the best alkaline foods. It fights off diseases, neutralize acidity in the body and contains potent antioxidants that can benefit the body by eliminating toxins, free radicals, strengthening the immune system and energizing the liver.

The words “apple a day keeps the doctor away” sounds too cliché, but it speaks of the truth. Apples are filled with vitamins and minerals that can provide energy and protection against diseases. This alkaline food is also easy to find and eat even when you are on the go. If you had too much acidic food for a day, help your body neutralize it by munching on this delicious fruit.

An alkaline food that is both tasty and nutritious, avocado is regarded by many experts as one of the best foods you can have on your diet. Many types of diet include and give credits to avocado for its health benefits. It also has a good pH value and can help level the acidity of other foods if taken together.

Whether you add it on soups or grill it, asparagus is an alkaline food that you cannot skip. Adding it to a highly acidic food can help it neutralize the effects of acidity. And you can’t just miss the perks that go along with the fiber, vitamins, minerals and anti-ageing components of this vegetable.

Don’t just reserve the cucumbers for your eye bags, eating them will benefit you more! This vegetable goes well in any salad or you can eat it on its own. It has high water content and antioxidants, which is why eating this lovely vegetable is better than having it stay on your eyes. This alkaline food contains powerful antioxidants that can prevent heart diseases, weight gain and even cancer.

Regarded as one of the healthiest vegetable, broccoli is an alkaline food that you must start loving. Broccoli can help in proper digestion, detoxification, and metabolism, and can support the cardiovascular system. It also has ample antioxidants and anti-inflammatory contents that it can help in preventing cancer, much like most of alkaline foods featured here!

If you want something to nibble on that will provide you wholesome energy and neutralize the acidity of your blood, have some almonds ready. The protein and healthy fats in almonds can provide the right and steady surge of energy that your body needs. It can also regularize your metabolism and prevent excessive weight gain.

Leafy Vegetables like Kale, Spinach and Celery
If you have been adding these leafy vegetables in your daily diet, then you are going on the right path of alkalinizing your body. Leafy veggies are known to have high alkaline contents which can balance the acidity of the other foods you eat.
Eating these foods will definitely give you more than just energy for your everyday tasks. You can also look for other alkaline foods and you’ll surely find the best foods that can work with your diet and your lifestyle.

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