The vets saved this dog that was starving. But it’s not a dog.


In Los Angeles, California a woman came across a dog that was clearly miserable and in need of care, yet also dangerous looking and potentially harmful if approached.

The best she could do was to take a photo of the dog and send it to an animal welfare group. Clearly this dog needed help. But it’s bad condition was not the most peculiar thing about this animal. It was the breed.

The reason the woman hesitated to approach is likely because the dog sort of resembled that of a wolf. As it turns out, indeed the dog is part wolf! The volunteers arrived on the scene and realized that indeed this was an emergency situation as the dog was in very bad shape, as well as bleeding. The dog tried escaping the volunteers, making the situation very difficult. “She had inflammation all over her body. She was bleeding a lot, puss was running out of her wounds, and she was just skin and bones under her fur,” said one of the volunteers.

Her paws were very swollen as well.

There was evidence to suggest that this wolf-dog did indeed have a previous human owner. The volunteers noticed a rope around the dogs neck. Nevertheless, the wolf-dog they named Julia, was very afraid of humans. It took a lot of treats and a lot of coaxing the big girl into a trustful relationship, but finally Julia did come around and stopped being so fearful.

At the shelter it was revealed just how severe Julia’s wounds were. They needed to wash her off good, but even water on her skin was painful for her. Still, the big girl maintained a sense of calm and braved it through the cleaning.

It was likely the first time Julia ever experienced human compassion, as the volunteers lovingly took care of her. They gave her a nice bed to sleep in so she could get some much needed rest.

Julia has certainly made progress, but still remains very sick and malnourished. Much more recovery time is needed. She’s not eating much as her immune system seems to be very weak, while psychologically she is also recovering. But she enjoys being pet and indeed is showing the typical characteristics that a normal dog would display. As soon as she recovers, she is going to be transported to another shelter. There they have two other wolf-dogs which hopefully will provide Julia with companionship.

Wolf-dogs are indeed rare and it is likely the special care that they require leads to them ending up in shelters as their human owners just don’t take the time to raise them properly. It’s like those individuals who get baby crocodiles and think they are cute and unique. Once they grow up the owners freak out and naturally they become too much to handle. Such is the case with wolf-dogs, and unfortunately they end up becoming abandoned, just like what happened with Julia. Always know your breed, and research them to understand what you are committing to!

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