The First Animal Your Brain Sees Reveals A Hidden Aspect Of Your Personality


Our personality is shaped by our experiences and genetics. Psychologists say that our earliest experiences often program our brain in a way that decides how we see people and the world around us. We see what makes the most sense to us unconsciously and we tend to filter out things that don’t match our beliefs. What’s the first animal that catches your eye in this picture?

1. An eagle

A regal creature meant to fly high, the eagle is sharp yet elegant. If you spotted an eagle first, you are focused and precise in your approach and you leave nothing to chance. You carry yourself with a noble confidence as you have no time for drama and other petty things of life. You are brave and unafraid to fly into the unknown alone.

2. A butterfly

A butterfly represents the duality of life. The softest and gentlest of creatures known for its beauty, is also the one to have gone through the darkest of times within a cocoon. If this is the first one that grabbed your attention, much like a butterfly, you are charming on the outside but carry an indomitable spirit inside.

3. A dog

Dogs are humankind’s best friend for a reason. Fiercely loyal, affectionate, and absolutely cuddle-worthy, dogs infuse cheer into the dullest of moments. If it’s a dog you noticed first, you are a wise soul that knows what truly matters in life. You commit wholeheartedly to people and causes, and nothing can break your will once you make a decision. Yet, you know how to relax and have fun.

4. A mantis

A mantis is known for its exceptional praying skills. Its strengths are precision and patience. Because it can stay still for hours and attack at the exact moment, it doesn’t engage in frivolous action. If the little green creature caught your eye first, you carry the determination and fierce will of the mantis. People might underestimate you based on your low profile, but when the moment arrives, you know you will come out as the winner.

5. A crab

Crabs are fascinating creatures with a complex personality. With exotic patterns and colors that cover their hard shell, they can camouflage themselves. But that’s because life isn’t easy for them. If this is the first creature you noticed, you are likely to be street smart and wise just like a crab. You put on a tough appearance because life has taught you many hard lessons, but within you are a soft soul that always looks out for loves ones.

6. A wolf

A wolf is considered a spirit guide because of the wisdom it carries. Mysterious, bold, and intuitive, a wolf can safeguard others in the pack yet venture out alone in the dark woods. If this is the first animal you noticed, you often walk on the edge of life. You seek adventure and mystery. You refuse to follow social norms and rules. But when it comes to protecting a loved one, nobody can be as fierce and passionate as you.

7. A horse

Born to be free and wild, a horse values freedom above everything else. Being the dignified creatures that they are, they let their heart lead without much fuss. If this stately animal is the first one you noticed, you carry a wild spirit that is difficult to be reigned in. Yet, much like a horse, you are more than willing to help out and be supportive to people. You enjoy a good laugh with your close friends and spread cheer. If you have to choose between freedom and love, your heart puts your loved ones first before your own needs.

8. A rooster

A rooster is colorful, quirky, and quick. It uses its sharp mind to navigate tricky terrains on earth, and when it gets hard all it needs to do is fly above the petty annoyances. If the rooster caught your eye first, you are witty, smart, and skilled. People might be misled by your calm ways, but they are in for a surprise if they rub you the wrong side. You fight with no fear and aren’t afraid to make some noise when something unfair happens. You are a natural leader who isn’t afraid to speak your mind.

9. A dove

This messenger of peace is pure, beautiful, and gentle. But little is spoken about the exceptional strength these gorgeous birds carry, which enables them to migrate miles across the sky, sometimes even to neighboring countries. If a dove grabbed your attention first, you are likely to be a calm and dignified person on the outside, but carry a strength that can get you through the coldest of times. You are wise and invest your energy in building a family or community. You refuse to squabble or let small things upset you as you meant to sail smoothly through the blue sky.

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