The 10 Tricks With Aspirin That Every Woman Has To Know. It Changes Your Life Completely


 Aspirin is definitely the most popular painkiller pill in the world.

Most of us take it on a daily basis against a variety of cardiovascular and other health problems, but not many people know that the pill is great for many other things as well. Continue reading below to learn more about aspirin’s amazing other uses.

Insect bites
Used topically, aspirin can easily deal with the irritation from insect bites and prevent infections. Crush an aspirin and dissolve it in a tablespoon of water, then rub the mixture on the affected area for instant relief.

Lightens your armpit skin
Many people have dark skin on their armpits which can really ruin their self-esteem. To resolve this aesthetic problem, you need to dissolve 2 crushed aspirins in ½ a cup of warm water, then apply the mixture on your armpits and leave it to work for 60 minutes. Rinse with water afterwards, and repeat the process every day until you see positive results.

Eliminates dandruff

Crush 2 aspirins and add the powder to your favorite shampoo, then wash your hair as usual to eliminate dandruff quickly and effectively.

Eliminates pimples

Aspirin is great against a variety of skin problems thanks to the high salicylic acid content.

Crush an aspirin and mix it with a few drops of water, then apply the paste on your pimples or acne, leaving it to work overnight. Rinse your face with cold water in the morning, and repeat the process every night before going to bed to dry the pimples. However, this method isn’t suitable for irritated or cut skin.

Removes sweat stains from your shirts

If your shirts have sweat stains that you can’t get off, aspirin can help. Mix 2 crushed aspirins in ½ a cup of warm water, then apply the mixture directly on the stains. Leave the clothes to soak overnight, then wash them as usual and the stains should be gone.

Softens and removes calluses from the feet

Calluses on the feet are a toughened area of the skin which occurs due to repeated friction and pressure. The problem is pretty hard to treat, but aspirin can soften the calluses easily and remove them better than anything else.

Crush 7 aspirins and mix them with ½ a teaspoon of lemon juice, and add some water if you need to. Apply the paste on the calluses and around them, then wrap your feet in a warm cloth or towel and cover with a plastic bag. Remove the wrapping after 10 minutes, then rub the calluses with a pumice stone. Repeat the process every day until the callus falls off.

Aspirin facial mask

An aspirin facial mask can clean and soften the skin on your face and keep it healthy.

Crush 5 aspirins and mix them with 2 teaspoons of natural yogurt, then apply the mask on your face and leave it to work for 20 minutes. Rinse with plenty of water afterwards and apply a high-quality moisturizing cream afterwards. Repeat the process for 2 weeks and your face will be cleaner and softer than ever.

Removes soap scum

The area around your bathtub can often accumulate soap scum which doesn’t exactly look good and is pretty difficult to remove as well. Luckily, aspirin comes to the rescue once again!

Crush 5 aspirin pills and add them to your liquid cleaner, then spray the affected area and leave the mixture to work for about half an hour. Clean with a damp cloth afterwards, and all the soap scum should be removed.

Gives back shine to your hair

As time passes, our hair begins to lose its shine and volume, but aspirin can get it back. Add 8 crushed aspirins to a cup of warm water, then apply the mixture on your hair and leave it to work for 15 minutes.

Rinse your hair with water in the end, and it will be silkier and shinier than before. You can get the same results, by adding 5 crushed aspirins to your favorite shampoo.

Extends the longevity of your flowers

The flowers in your vases at home can easily wither, but adding one crushed aspirin pill to the base can keep them going for a long time. Try the trick yourself and we’re sure you’ll love the results.

As you can see, aspirin isn’t just a simple painkiller or fever pill – it has many more uses which can make your life easier, which is why we suggest trying the aforementioned tips and tricks.

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