The 10-Day Sugar Detox Diet (To Reset Your Body and Brain)


We often hear about the effects of sugar in our body and we know how important it is to minimize or totally remove any sugar intake.

Obesity, heart disease and diabetes are just some of the most known diseases that can be acquired when sugar consumption is not limited. There are diets that require sugar detox in order to maintain a healthy body, but many still fail in the path of sugar detox and often spiral out of control.

For some people, addiction to sugar may come as a joke. But it happens to many people without even knowing it. Some do not even realize that their daily diet is formed by sugar addiction, gathering a number of foods that produce more sugar
Because of the failure, there are some who have successfully removed sugar from their diet and living a better lifestyle. These people have provided several guidelines are created in order to help others in their path to sugar detox. Here are a few of the guidelines we have gathered in order for you to jumpstart your own path to sugar detox.

Know Your Reason for Detoxing
Knowing why you need to detox is the first step and perhaps the most crucial part of detoxing from sugar. There are three simple quizzes that a person can take in order to determine whether you need or want to detox from sugar. The first quiz is the diabetes quiz. It determines whether a person has diabetes and what type.

The second quiz is food addiction quiz, which determines how bad you crave for food especially foods with sugar and flour. The third quiz is the FLC or Toxicity Quiz. This determines whether you experience the symptoms of FLC Syndrome. Some of the symptoms of FLC Syndrome are muscle pain, irritable bowel, gas, bloating and reflux.

Stop Eating Any Forms of Sugar
This is what others say as being a cold turkey. Once you determine that you need to stop having sugar, start having removing any forms of sugar in your foods. Look out for the ingredients of the food you cook or buy and stick to whole and natural foods. You might find yourself tempted but face it with white knuckles.

What Drinks do You Usually Drink
If you say water, coconut water and everything else is natural and green veggies juices, then that is fine. Stop any soda, coffee, tea sports drinks and sweetened drinks. Any drinks, even the sugar-free or diet drinks, will not be exempted from detoxing from sugar. Even if you get whole foods, drinking sugar-filled drinks will only defeat the purpose.

Know the Right Carbs
Carbs can be the best way of removing sugar from your system. Carbs don’t and won’t make you fat as long as you choose the carbs you eat. And by carbs we mean the carbs from non-starchy vegetables and also the starchy ones. You won’t even mind skipping beans and grains when you fill your tummy with the right carbs. Sugar is a source of energy but it is not the only source of energy that you can have.

Healthy Fat Intake
Believe it or not, fats can easily replace the sugar. Just like choosing your carbs, you simply need to dig in to the best fats in the process of completely removing sugar from your diet. Fat can balance the blood sugar level and can fuel your cells and the rest of your body.

Release Stress
Stress can easily make your body produce hormones that will make you crave for sweets. If you feel stressed, find some foods that are sugar-free and can stop the craving. You may also find de-stressing activities in order to remove stress from your system.

Get Enough Sleep
Sleep deprivation can cause your body to crave for sugar. You will also feel less energetic with less sleep and your body will resort to foods with sugar that is easy to absorb. The drive to get sugar in your body to replace the energy you will need for the day will be harder. Always put sleep on your schedule, with at least eight hours of sleep daily.

Get More Protein
Another source of energy is protein. Put heavy protein in your breakfast and you’ll surely have the right energy throughout the day. Grass-fed meat, whole farm eggs and free-roaming chicken can actually provide enough protein and help you fill your energy level.

Sugar detox is not so hard, especially if you are sincere with your goal. Once you step into sugar detoxing, continue it with unwavering will. Remember that you are doing this for a healthier, longer life.

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