Soldier Is Forced To Leave Street Dog He Rescued In Iraq. 1 Month Later, They Reunite On The Other Side Of Earth


Ken Wyrsch worked at an army base in Iraq when he met with Ollie for the first time. Then Olli just a little puppy and won once all the soldiers’ hearts. They could not see the little street dog suffer, but began taking care of him and give him food.

Above all it was Ken who took on the role of master to the little Ollie.

They became best friends. Ollie became an important part of Ken’s life and others in the army base. He was a morale booster.


Time went by and the puppy grew up. Ken spent as much time as he could with his best friend. “He was there when we left our missions, he was there when we got back,” Ken told CBS SF.


The day came when it was time for Ken to leave Iraq and return home to California. The whole army base was being shut down, meaning Ollie would lose his buddies and end up alone again on the street. Ken was heartbroken and felt he could not let this happen.

He was certain that Ollie would not survive a harsh life street dog life, especially in a country where attitudes towards street animals were not favorable. And Ollie was such a gentle and loving dog…

So Ken contacted SPCA International and asked if they could help him rescue Ollie and bring him to California.

One month later, and following generous donations, Ollie was in the USA.


The video below shows you their heartwarming reunion. This is the beginning of a whole new life for the street dog from Iraq. Ollie will now live in a loving family with his best friend.

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Source: CBS SF Bay Area

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