Shower Cleaning Hack Will Make the Job Easier


Anyone who’s ever cleaned a house will appreciate finding ways to make the task easier. One of everyone’s favorite high traffic rooms to clean is the bathroom.

Yup. It where’s mold, mildew, soap scum, and other yucky substances like to gather. If left unchecked for too long, rings, film, and specks of fill-in-the-blanks will take over. Sharing her bathroom counterattack tips and a very personal look into her shower grime is DIYer Katie Sottile.

No offense to any of you who find bliss in cleaning, but I can’t think of any place in the bathroom that’s a joy to clean. But Katie uses a technique that will make showers and tub scrubbing so much simpler. With all-powerful vinegar, dish soap, and a tool normally used for dishwashing, she gets down to the gritty with a shower/tub cleaner.

What makes it even better is that this two-in-one cleaner can be made with supplies bought from the dollar store. You’ll be ready to make a quick run to your local Dollar Tree with only a fiver. Check it out!


  • Scrub sponge with built-in soap dispenser wand
  • Vinegar
  • Bottle of dish soap


  1. Pour and Mix

    shower cleaning wand

    Pour soap and vinegar into soap dispenser compartment located on the handle. Shake it.

  2. Pour Again

    Pour any leftover soap and matching amount of vinegar into a spray bottle.

  3. Scrub It

    Scrub the tub and shower.

To get the deets on the proper mixing ratio for this cleaning recipe and more, watch Katie’s video. More than just a cleaning chemist, Katie also gives us a demonstration of her cleaning wand and formula at work. Stay with her as she walks into her own bathroom and try not to be judgmental about the state of her shower, because it is the perfect test subject.

It works! Watch and compare the condition of Katie’s shower before and after. Dance through the aisles of your local dollar store to grab these supplies and put an end to grimy grout, pink muck, and dirty shower floors. Hit the sink, tub, shower doors, and for you brave souls – the toilet.

When it comes to scrubbing the tub or shower, there’s a lot of germ warfare that needs to be addressed. This clever wand gets into hard to reach nooks and crevices while protecting your hands.

The other advantage? This tool is kid-friendly enough to get the kiddos in on the chore action. You don’t have to worry about them handling chemicals or spray bottles. Make one or two of these for each bathroom and you’re good to go.

We’re sure you might have your own 2-ingredient cleaner that is just as effective as Katie’s. But vinegar is a reliable ally when it comes to cleaning and you can buy so much of it for so little. Vinegar disinfects while dish soap conquers build-up so be sure to go after hard water stains too!

Have you used one of these scrubbing wands outside of the kitchen? What do you think of Katie’s shower cleaning trick?

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