Coin collectors are going crazy trying to find these dimes. They’re still in circulation – so they could be in your pocket or your coin jar right now. And once you learn how to identify these rare and valuable dimes, you might be able to score a treasure of a lifetime. I know I’m interested in learning how one dime could help me never work again for the rest of my life. With $1.9 million, I could buy a house, treat my parents to a much-needed vacation and give my wife the car of her dreams. Not to mention put my daughter through school and give myself a break. Learn more about how to identify the $1.9 million dimes. It could be your lucky day to find it.

Coin Values has identified the fact that there are dimes in circulation worth as much as lottery winnings.

Talk about turning ten cents into a life-changing amount of cash.

Because some of these dimes are still being circulated as currency when you get change on your next coffee purchase or need to pay for a parking meter, check the dimes you have in your palm. You don’t want to miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

These coins are worth so much money because they are rare. That means it might not be likely that it is in your coin jar. But since it is still in circulation, it is probably in somebody’s coin jar out there – and they’re not necessarily reading this article like you are. That gives you and everyone you share this post with an advantage.

The Dime you are looking for was minted back in 1894. It is known as the 1894-S Barber Dime. And it is worth a lot more than the ten cents listed as face value. It is worth close to two million.

The Barber Dime isn’t just worth a lot, it has a million-dollar history too. Back in 1894, John Daggett, the San Francisco Mint superintendent decided to create 24 special dimes. He gave his seven best friends three of these coins and the last three went to his youngest daughter. While he told his daughter to save the coins until she was older, she didn’t listen to her daddy. He was always telling her what to do so she got a little defiant and went out and bought some ice cream with one of the dimes.

Only about nine 1894-S Barber Dimes are still in existence to this day. And two of them are rumored to be in circulation just waiting to be discovered.

Other Barber dimes are worth money, but only about $29 to $600. The ones that were specially minted are worth close to $2 million.

If you’re eager to turn your coin jar into a money pit, look for the 1829 curl base “2” Liberty Cap Dime. This one is worth about $8,000.

There is also an 1874-CC Liberty Seated Dime that can auction at $5,000.

And for the more recent coin collectors, the 1968-S, no-S proof Roosevelt Dime is cashing out at about $7,500.

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