Do you have those clothes that after a couple of years the whites look gray instead of white? I have had that problem for years and never knew what to do about it until a few months ago. I was talking about how my microfiber clothes were a dingy gray color and a reader suggested Mrs. Stewarts Liquid Bluing. I had never heard of Mrs. Stewarts before but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. I couldn’t believe the difference it made in my whites. It’s not going to get the stains out, but if you have those dirty gray clothes this one simple trick to get your whites whiter will amaze you.

I have heard that some stores sell Mrs. Stewarts, but I couldn’t find it locally so I picked up mine from Amazon. It was six dollars a bottle and each load only uses around 1/4 of a teaspoon so you can plan on this bottle lasting a long time. Six dollars is much cheaper than buying new clothes every time something turns gray. You can use this on any clothes or towels that you would like to get whiter.

To start out with, I would recommend you put on old clothes. Think of this as a dye, so you won’t want to have on nice clothes when you do your laundry. If you get any of the bluing liquid on your clothes it will stain them.

I have two white tank tops and one is way older than the other one. The older tank top has turned to a dirty gray. It’s really hard to tell in the picture, but it just doesn’t look white anymore.  I decided to use the Mrs. Stewarts on the tank top.

Mrs. Stewarts can be used in the washing machine, but it will need to be diluted first so it doesn’t stain your machine. Start your washing machine for whatever load size you will be doing. Then you can start diluting the Mrs. Stewarts liquid bluing. You will want to mix the Mrs. Stewarts up in a glass or metal container so it doesn’t stain the container.

Add 4-5 drops for a small load and 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon for a larger load to a couple cups of water. I just used a large canning jar. Once you have the liquid bluing mixed up you can add it to the machine.

They recommend the color in your washing machine water is a light sky blue. Mine was a very light sky blue but I figured I would rather redo the load again than have my tank top be blue colored. Let it mix in the machine for a minute and then add your clothes.

The washing machine should run through the cycle like normal. Once it is finished remove the clothes and dry them. That’s all you have to do. No letting clothes soak overnight or messing with bleach. It’s so simple and yet really made a difference in the color of my tank top. So far I have used this on some towels, sheets and clothes. I love how white it gets my laundry.

So next time you have some gray or dirty looking whites don’t throw them out. You can save some money by using liquid bluing on them. It’s easier to use than bleach and only takes a few minutes of your time. What tips do you have for making your whites whiter?

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