Old Timey Fudge


Ingredients :

5 csugar
2/3 ccocoa powder (i use hershey’s)
1 can(s)(12oz.) evaporated milk
1 cmilk
1 stickreal butter
1 Tbsppure vanilla extract
1/4 tspsalt
1/2 cpecans, in pieces

Directions :

1. Set up a work area for tempering the fudge. I run about 3 inches of cold water in the sink and lay out a dish towel next to it. The water will be to quick cool the chocolate and then you set the pot on the towel and stir. ( the towel also keeps you from dripping water when you pour the chocolate.)

2. Coat a 8×12 pan (9×13 will be ok, too.) with butter and set next to towel.
3. Cut remaining butter and set aside.
4. In a 6 quart pot add sugar, cocoa powder and salt. DO NOT TURN ON THE HEAT YET !
5. Using the flat side of a spatula mix well. You do not want clumps.
6. Add both milks and stir til well mixed and there are no lumps.
Turn heat on to medium high and bring to boil. Notice how it looks like there is not much in pot. Stir CONSTANTLY.

7. As the mixture heats up it will bubble up.

8. When it reaches a certain temperature it will start to go back down.
It will start to really shine.
9. Every now and then do a water test. To do this, fill a glass with cold water and drop some fudge mixture into it.

10. When it reaches the softball stage remove from heat. Softball stage is when you can roll the drop into a soft ball.

11. Add vanilla extract and will bubble up some as it burns off the alcohol. Add butter and stir.
12. Now dip pot into water in sink for 4-5 seconds then place on towel and stir. Repeat several times.
13. Mixture will begin to thicken. Add nuts and stir.
14. Mixture will start to look a little dull..Hurry and pour into buttered pan. Sprinkle a little nuts on top if you want.
15. Let set up for 20 minutes then cut with a smooth bladed knife

16. Let cool completely before putting in a bag or tin. Otherwise it will sweat and not look so pretty… Enjoy !

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