Nutty Delight


Servings 15


⦁ 1 cup Roasted Almond, or whole almonds
⦁ ½ cup dried cherries
⦁ 1/2 cup dried prunes
⦁ 4 dates
⦁ 1/4 cup cashews
⦁ 6 ounces dark or bittersweet chocolate
⦁ 1/4 cup macadamia nuts


⦁ Place the chocolate in a container. Boil some water in a larger vessel and place the chocolate container in it.
⦁ Keep stirring as the chocolate melts.
⦁ Meanwhile, grind together the cherries, prunes, dates, cashews, nuts and almonds together in a grinder.
⦁ Fold in the nuts into the chocolate and spoon them onto the baking sheet, or in moulds.
⦁ Place them in the refrigerator and let it rest for about 20 minutes. Serve at room temperature.

Nutritional Information

Calories 146 grams
Saturated Fat 3.1 grams
Proteins 2.9 grams
Sugar 9.9 grams
Fiber 2 grams
Total Fat 9.3 grams
Carbohydrates 14.4 grams

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