Loaded Deviled Eggs


You’ll Need:

Large hard-boiled, cooled and halved eggs.
6 slices of cooked, crisped and crumbled bacon.
2 tsps of fresh chives.
2 tsps of white vinegar.
2 tbsps of finely shredded mild cheddar cheese.
¼ cup of sour cream or buttermilk.

How to:

In a mixing bowl, place the egg yolks and mix together with the rest of ingredients. Add the sour cream last and add some if you want more smoothness.

Fill the egg halves with the mixture and sprinkle with paprika.

Bonne Appétit!

Simple, easy and delicious! The egg yolks mixture is so delicious, and with that dash of paprika, people would want more! Give it a try, I’m sure you will love it!

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