I Could Have Been a Cheese Ball, but the Pecans let me down…


WARNING!! This is totally addicting!! You will lick the spoon, you will lick the beaters, you will search frantically for a cracker! It will call you from the fridge late at night… Think I’m kidding? Ok..make it. I dare ya!!! lol


8 ozcream cheese
8 ozcheddar cheese, grated fine
1/2green bellpepper, diced small
2green onions, chopped small (green & white parts)
1/2 ccrushed pineapple in own juice (small can will do)
1/2jar diced pimento (drained)… or one of those really tiny jars
1 tspseasoned salt



Have cream cheese at room temperature. Combine all ingredients and mix with mixer. Chill well before serving.


I usually use the whole jar of pimento. Mostly because I love pimento, but also because I never know what to do with the rest of the jar, lol. Or… you could double this and use the whole jar. I don’t drain the pineapple.. works just fine either way. Just remember to chop the onion and bell pepper really small… tiny even.


Originally this was a cheese ball recipe. You were supposed to divide mixture in half and roll each portion in chopped pecans, forming 2 balls. The first time I made this, I made balls. Never again! If you don’t eat it all, the pecans get rubbery in the fridge. Ever since then, I just make it as a spread and serve in a bowl with really good snack crackers. It is ever better the second day, so can be made a day ahead.


If you really feel the need to make this into balls, I would suggest draining the pineapple and putting mixture in the fridge for an hour or so before trying to roll it in chopped pecans. It makes 2 cheese balls.

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