How to Treat and Prevent Plantar Fasciitis at Home


Plantar fasciais not something that we usually hear but it is very important to know when it comes to our feet. According to statistics almost 50% of Americans are afflicted from this foot pain that happens due to some injury or issue of the plantar fascia. Plantar fascia is a thin ligament that joins the heel to the front of the foot.

Plantar fasciitis is the name of the condition that occurs and this affliction mostly happens due to weight gain or irregular and constant motion. So from there the people who are at the highest risk of getting this disease are pregnant women, athletes and people who’s job requires a lot of standing.

The added kilograms and the motions out extra pressure on the foot and can cause inflammation and pain. The good news is that you can use some home remedies and treatments in order to soothe the pain and even prevent this from happening.


Seated Exercises

  1. Take a water bottle or a rolling pin and roll your foot over it for a minute.
  2. Sit on a chair and cross one leg over the other. Pull on your toe upwards and hold that position 15 seconds and repeat the same process with the other leg.
  1. Take some piece of cloth in order to replace a sports and exercise strap if you don’t have one and put it on the arch of the foot. With your leg and foot in front of you stretch the foot as much and as long as you can and repeat that with both feet.
  2. Stretching the calves also helps a lot with this condition. You should stretch your leg in the lunge position and that would take care of the plantar fascia. Repeat that with both legs.

Other Tips:

  • Maintain a healthy weight by taking care of the diet.
  • Exercise often in order to balance your weight and in order to stretch your body and be healthier and fitter.
  • Buy good quality shoes because the feet are very important as they provide the most comfort during any actions and chores. Good shoes will really support that.

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