How to Stop Serious Bleeding in 10 Seconds!


It is important to know how to stop bleeding in a short time, especially if you have children that constantly fight and you are always concerned that they will get serious cuts.

One mother, who is a lifeguard, says that in order to slow down bleeding you need to apply pressure on the wound, but with this method she discovered how to stop the bleeding altogether.

So the method is to put cayenne pepper to the open wound and the bleeding will stop. This is also efficient for deep cuts which are very serious issue (and is recommended to be treated by a professional).

How it Works:

From eHow:

It has been called the miracle – working substance, and cayenne pepper has the ability to stop the bleeding in less than 60 seconds for most cases. Cayenne pepper is efficient because it has the power to equalize the blood pressure, which prevents the pressure to be concentrated around the wound area, and it is normal as usual. By equalizing the pressure, the blood in the wound area will clot very fast.

Cayenne pepper enables the blood to clot easily due to the ability to normalize the blood pressure. You can put cayenne pepper on any wound to clot the blood faster, and it can be used orally or topically. (But, keep in mind that more severe cuts must be treated by a professional. Cayenne pepper can just help you to stop the bleeding until you go to the doctor.)

Dr. John Christopher describes a guideline how to use cayenne pepper orally, in his book School of Natural Healing:

… put a teaspoon of cayenne pepper into one glass of warm water, consume the mixture and in then seconds the bleeding will stop. The blood pressure will be normal and equal and will not be concentrated around the wound, and it will clot very fast. If you consume cayenne pepper orally mixed in a glass of water, it will stop the bleeding whether it is external or internal.

Cayenne pepper is also very efficient in hindering infections in minor cuts. It is due to its antibacterial properties, which are beneficial in eliminating bacteria that get inside the body from the injury.

Cayenne pepper also offers numerous other health benefits. You need to put it in your first aid kit and carry it everywhere with you. You can never know when you will need to use it in case you cut or injure yourself.

If you want to be more informed about the benefits of cayenne pepper watch the following video.

You can see a man, who was injured at how, using cayenne pepper to stop the bleeding.

Will you use cayenne pepper as a first aid in case of bleeding?

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