How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Home? – Recipe


Do you have a problem with mice invading your home? Or your garage?

Whatever your situation is, it is of crucial importance to get rid of these little critters. They can quickly invade your home and start nesting. This is surely something you don’t want in your home or nearby.

Although they might seem as small and vulnerable, they can spread some nasty diseases through their feces and urine. Plus they can damage your furniture and basically everything in your house they can bite.

Before telling you one method how to get rid of them completely, there’s something you should know about the health risks they pose to your health.

Health Risks Linked to Rodents

Did you know that mice and rats can spread over 35 diseases? That’s right, these little, uninvited guests in your house can spread various diseases through direct contact with their skin, feces, urine and saliva.

But, rats and mice can spread diseases to people even indirectly, through ticks, fleas, or mites which have fed on infected mice.

Infected rats and mice can trigger allergies, and transmit salmonella and other foodborne illnesses.

What’s more, they are associated with several serious infectious diseases, such as plague, tularemia, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and hantavirus.

Natural Mice Repellant – Recipe

Here’s a recipe of a natural mice repellant that will help you eliminate these nasty little critters from your house and garage. You’ll need just three common ingredients and few minutes to prepare it.


  • A handful of white flour
  • A handful of dry plaster of Paris
  • A handful of wheat


Mix the flour and plaster, and add the wheat. Now, put the powder mixture in places you expect mice to appear. You can put it in holes and cracks, or simply in areas they usually move around.

How It Acts

The wheat will attract the rodents, so they will start eating it. Although they won’t eat the powder, they would lick some of it while eating the wheat. So, expect to find the wheat eaten and the powder left, but repeat this two or three times. Eventually, the rodents will ingest enough dry plaster that will harden in their guts, leaving them dead.

This natural mice repellant doesn’t contain any chemical, unlike the commercial ones. However, be careful when using it in the presence of children and pets.

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