Here’s a Genius Way to Fit 2 Weeks Worth of Clothes in a Carry-On Suitcase


Traveling – whether you’re visiting far-flung relatives or adventuring to parts unknown – is amazing. What’s not amazing?

Actually getting there, ESPECIALLY if you’re flying. While there are several reasons air travel is anxiety-inducing, packing is probably one of the worst. There’s always that dilemma: pack everything you could possibly need and check your suitcase, risking it getting lost by the airline, or going with a smaller bag that can fit airline’s ever-shrinking requirements.

It can feel like a lose-lose situation, but what if packing a carry-on didn’t have to mean sacrificing anything you need? It doesn’t have to when you pack it like THIS. Just look at all the stuff Tom Ayzenberg fits into his tiny carry-on, and start packing happier. Watch and learn.

There’s a couple of packing hacks that Tom uses to get the most storage out of his tiny carry-on. My favorite take aways from this video:

1. Think about all un-used space – I like how Tom used the inside of his shoes to store his socks.

2. The Roll Method – I noticed Tom only rolled his socks but I often roll my T-shirts as well when packing.

3. Alternate – Notice how Tom alternated the packing of his Jeans and his shirts. This allows for clothing to be stacked and stored evenly. You don’t get any lop-sided clothing.

I’m always amazed at just how much clothing you can fit into tiny carry-ons. Just hope Tom doesn’t purchase anything on his trip he needs to bring back home.

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