Here Are Some Things That You Have To Know About Farts


Farting, hiccups and burping are functions of the body which make people get embarrassed or even annoyed.

The farting is the crown jewel of these. How much do we know about farting beside that it comes out from the bum and it smells and sounds funny.

-Men are farting more than women;
-The fart’s meaning (original) was if forth as “wind from the anus” and it was coined in 1962;
-One average person is farting about fourteen times a day;
-That fourteen times can fill up a balloon;
-This body function isn’t embarrassing, but it means that the person is healthy because the fart is produced by a healthy digestive tract. If a person do not fart at all, must go to a doctor;

-The farts reduce mitochondrial damage because they are made up of hydrogen sulfide. The farts that smell can be healthy, so in that case the next time you fart, take a deep breath;
-Because of the higher concentration of hydrogen sulfide in women’s farts, the farts tend to be stinker;
-They go as fast as ten ft/sec. ;
-You will produce louder farts if you have very tight sphincter;
-Soda and gum make you fart more and if you know somebody who drink a lot of soda and chewing gum, you should hide it from him/her;
-When we sleep is when the most of the farting happens;
– The most fart is produced by the termites. The next most farting animals are: dogs (retrievers and labs), elephants, cows, sheep, zebras and camel.

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