Her House Always Has a Fresh and Nice Smell. People Didn’t Know Why. This Is the Secret


You will enjoy this effective and easy DIY home spray.

It can be used on carpets, curtains, couches.

It will save you money rather than waste it when you go to buy commercial air fresheners and odorneutralizers.

Ladies, you will want to look into this! You only need a couple items and follow these steps: You’ll need: Pot.

Ladies, do you want to know the best trick for a nice smelling home? Yes! Read on more.

You will be amazed when you see this method is really simple and effective.

Just make a DIY spray for the sofa, curtains, carpets and this is all.

This item is easy to make.

No more wasting money on toxic fresheners with chemicals, make this spray to make odors neutral in a safe way.

Ladies, try this trick. Simple and easy to make, you just need 3 items.

Detergent spheres, water and baking soda.

Simple steps:

You need:

¼ cup detergent spheres
2 cups water
4 tbsp baking soda


Put the ¼ soap spheres in one bucket and add the 4 tbsp baking soda.

Add 2 cups boiling water and mix in. after 30 min, this will be dissolved.

Get a spray bottle and put this mix inside.

Use this mix to spray it on things like sofas, dressers, fabrics, drains, carpets…you will be amazed.

Also, if you see the soda is not mixed good, add a drop alcohol and mix again.

Do not hesitate, try it today!

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