Get Your T-Shirt Drawer Under Control with This Dollar Store Hack


Just because you’re clueless when it comes to organizing your home doesn’t mean that you have to resign yourself to living in a mess! After all, there are plenty of super easy decluttering and sorting tricks that can be done on the cheap.

To guide us through our household hacking journey, we have the illustrious YouTuber Kathryn from the channel Do It On a Dime. Trust us when we say this gal is a TRUE domestic goddess if we’ve ever seen one; where we see “mess”, she sees endless potentials for organization!

Although Kathryn has profiled plenty of surprising hacks in her day, we find these two to be particularly illuminating…

  1. T-Shirt Drawer Mess-no-More

  1. Not since the fitted sheet has there been a household object that’s been more perplexing than the t-shirt drawer. Sure, you may fold each piece of clothing perfectly, but after a few days, it’s inevitable that the space turns into a disaster zone!

    To combat this, Kathryn suggests purchasing plastic sink mats from your local dollar store. These inexpensive guys serve as perfect dupes for those pricey folding boards that many retail stores use to keep their creases sharp.

    To get started on making your own, simply duct tape two rows of three together, stick in your laundry, one piece at a time, and fold. It’s so easy that even kids can get in on the action and help.

    From there, our hostess recommends doing one more fold by hand and sticking them, crease-side out, in your t-shirt drawer. Smart!

  2. The Chopping Mat Hack

  1. While we wouldn’t necessarily advocate using flimsy plastic chopping mats for preparing a Thanksgiving dinner, it turns out they do have a pretty clever “off-label” use.

    Believe it or not, these mats do an excellent job of protecting fridge shelves from dirt, grime, and even potential damage. Kathryn recommends placing the mats, glossy side down, right onto the glass shelves. The cold environment puts pressure on the plastic, forcing it down onto the shelf. You wouldn’t believe it, but the mat doesn’t need ANY adhesive to stay put. How awesome is that?!

    And good news for those of you who have tough-to-clean wire shelves in your fridge or your pantry—this exact same hack works like a dream! Simply lay the plastic mats (again, glossy side down), on the wire, and stack on your items.

    Pro tip: If the overall look of the wire shelves is bothering you, but you can’t change them up because you are renting, then you MUST try this awesome dollar store project. You’ll never even know you had wire in the first place!

When we said this gal was a domestic goddess, we weren’t kidding. To get full tutorials and more in-depth tips on these specific hacks, be sure to click on Do It On a Dime’s video below. We think these DIYs will make all of the difference in your home!

Have you tried any of these organizing hacks before? If so, were you happy with your results? How do you keep your t-shirt drawer neat and tidy?

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