Frozen Lemon More Powerful Than Chemotherapy


One thing which experts claim it’s even 1.000 times stronger than the chemotherapy treatment is frozen lemon. It probably sounds weird to you, but it actually isn’t. Numerous nutritionists and restaurant professionals use the whole lemon and don’t waste anything.

First, you need to wash the peel of the lemon well. After that, put it in your freezer and wrap it into a transparent foil so that you can keep its aroma.

When it has become frozen, grate the whole lemon with a grater. You can sprinkle some of it into various foods and drinks like: rice, granizadas, pure soups, lemonades, pasta sauce, salads, wines, stews, water, sushi etc.

Their taste will be improved immensely and they’ll taste fresher than ever.
Lemon contains numerous beneficial properties and not only vitamin C. But, its peel is even 10 times stronger because it contains 5 or 10 times more vitamins than the fruit itself and numerous minerals and nutrients.

The procedure of freezing a lemon and then peeling it and sprinkling it on food is numerous times more beneficial for our health than any other.

Lemon peel can rejuvenate our skin and improve our whole organism since it helps us to remove all of the toxic elements from our body.
Still, this isn’t very well known since the greatest laboratories and medicine factories are concerned that they won’t be able to sell medicines anymore.

Lemon is used in many different ways: we drink its juice, eat the fruit, add it into cakes, ice cream, food etc. Still, numerous scientific researches have proved that it’s extremely efficient in removing tumors and cysts.

Experts even claim that this fruit is extremely beneficial against all types of cancer.
It also contains plenty of antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties. Lemon is effective against worms and internal parasites, but it can also help us fight stress, regulate our blood pressure etc.
Lemon is an amazing alkaline fruit. It helps us regulate the pH in our organism so that we could obtain optimal health.

According to some researches, it can even destroy the malignant cells in 12 different types of cancer and mostly in: breast, colon, lung, pancreas and prostate.

This fruit contains compounds which are even stronger than the chemotherapy medicine called Adriamycin! Lemon peel is a natural solution which preserves the healthy cells and only destroys the malignant ones!

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