Feeding a Crowd this Summer? Make a Ton of Corn At Once With This “Redneck” Method


It’s not a summer cook-out without fresh corn-on-the-cob, but making a bunch of it for a lot of people can get a little tricky. If you’ve got a hoard descending on your yard for any summer holiday this year, you could panic or spend all day over the grill — or you could turn to Donald Boling.

He’s sharing his technique for “Redneck Cooler Corn,” and it’s a home-grown genius way to make lots of corn-on-the-cob for everybody while still enjoying the day. It’s truly brilliant!

Don’s family is throwing a Memorial Day party in their backyard and his wife is monitoring the grill, which is probably filled with the likes of hot dogs and hamburgers. But, by the sounds of it, the family has a lot of guests celebrating the holiday — which means lots of food needs to be made.

To help her free up a few burners and therefore cook more food for their hungry guests, Don takes it upon himself to cook up the corn in the coolest way. It doesn’t require an oven or a grill, just a few simple materials.

Here’s what you’ll need to try your own cooler corn:

  • Regular Plastic Cooler
  • Corn-on-the-cob
  • 2 Sticks of Butter
  • Salt
  • 3 Pots of Boiling Water

Start by shucking all the corn you want and snapping each ear in half. (You have to see the adorable little girl helping Ron snap an ear of corn over her leg, it’s pretty impressive!) Then once all the silk has been cleared off the corn, put the halves in a regular plastic cooler, one that you might have hanging around your garage as we speak.

There should be a little room temperature water in the bottom of the cooler before you put the corn halves in. Make sure to spread the corn so that it completely covers the bottom of the cooler; if you have enough for a full two layers of corn, you may need a second cooler for this hack.

Next, unwrap three sticks of butter and prepare a good handful of salt to season the corn with. You can, of course, use as little or as much salt as you want — he uses quite a bit, but you have to remember that this amount is for a bulk amount of corn.

When the seasonings are all ready to go, you can take the next step, which essentially turns your cooler into a giant pot on a stove! You truly have to see these last few steps in action, so we suggest watching Ron’s video below to see exactly how he does it.

What do you think of this “redneck” corn cooking hack? Will you be trying this for your next barbecue? Make sure to share your thoughts with us!

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