I don’t know how I managed, but I raised a couple of the pickiest eaters on the planet.

Whenever I make something new to eat, they stand in the kitchen with the most disgusted looks on their faces, like I’m trying to feed them bugs or something. It’s so disappointing and frustrating, especially when I have worked hard on something new. It makes it difficult for me to try out new things because I fear that I am going to go through all that work and nobody is going to eat it. Well, my husband will, he’s like a human garbage disposal. He will eat just about anything.

Whenever I make chili cheese fries or dogs, they are always a pretty good choice. The kids will at least eat them. There may be a few huffs and puffs because it’s not pizza or mac and cheese, but they don’t have any trouble clearing their plates.

When I saw this recipe on the web for a Sausage and Crescent Roll Casserole, I cautiously made it up, curious to see what would happen. Much to my surprise and delight, everyone at the table really enjoyed it. This gets to be added to our list of family favorites now… yay!

Ingredients :

8 oz. Crescent rolls
8-10 slices of bacon, crumbled or sausage
6-8 eggs
2 cups shredded cheese (jack, cheddar, colby, whichever you like)
2-3 tbsp. milk
salt and pepper to taste
cooking spray

How to make this recipe :

First step : Preheat oven to 400 degrees &prepare either 13×9 or 11×9 baking dish with cooking spray. (use about 6 eggs for the smaller pan &about 8 for the larger pan)
Second step : Line the dish with unrolled crescent rolls, letting it come up the sides a bit. Press the seams together.
Third step : Layer the crumbled bacon or sausage &cheese over the crescent rolls. Beat eggs with milk, salt &pepper &pour over bacon &cheese.
Step 4 : Bake about 25-30 mins or until center is set. Let cool for a few mins, then serve.

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