Do You Remember ‘Dick And Jane’ Books?


Kids today will never understand the importance of a good book. They’ve all got their eBooks or their blogs and it’s all fluff material with no educational value.

But what about the GOOD books we used to read? The Hardy Boys! The Bobbsey Twins! Trixie Belden! These were the classics that gave us hours of entertainment.

Another amazing series was Read With Dick And Jane. It was a great way of learning to read while also having fun! Okay so maybe not FUN. They could be a little dull…but we still remember them to this day!

The series started in 1930 and were used as teaching tools through 1970. The books were reissued in 2003 with over 2.3 million copies sold!

The books had great catchphrases, the most popular being “See spot. See spot run! Run spot, run!” The phrase is still referenced in popular culture today, with very few people not being able to recognize it.

The books will remain a timeless classic and are still available to purchase for relatively cheap!

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