Cola Burgers


I love cooking with cola, it has a unique flavor! I usually use it with burgers as in this recipe! Check it out, you will love it.

You’ll Need:

1 egg.
½ cup cola, divided.
½ cup of crushed saltine.
¼ tsp of salt.
1 ½ lbs of hamburger.
Hamburger bun.
6 tbsps of french dressing, divided.
2 tbsps of grated parmesan cheese.

How to:

In a bowl, mix the egg, ¼ cup of cola, crackers, 2 tbsps of dressing, cheese and salt until well combined and stir in the beef. Shape into 6 patties.

Mix together ¼ cup of cola and 4 tbsps of the dressing.

Now, grill the patties for 3 minutes per side then brush with the cola mixture.

Grill for 8 to 10 more minutes and serve!

Simple, easy and delicious! With a nice vegetable salad, this cola burger makes the perfect meal! Give it a shot, you will love it.

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