Over the years cannabis was forbidden in the United States and most of the countries around the world. But now this has changed and researchers are trying to include the benefits of cannabis plants in the newly legal status by providing research results by proving the healing medicinal properties of the cannabis chemistry in health treatments.


The phytochemistry of cannabis is gathering of more than 85 compounds called cannabinoids. In the nature of the humans are present endocannabinoid receptors especially in the nervous and digestive system, which the body recognizes as its own which are responsible for emotions, movement, appetite, and sleep.

Another compound called terpenes which come from a different family of compounds in cannabis it is also used as a treatment of pain.  Common for these compounds is the anti-inflammatory analgesic properties. In the nature of our bodies is to metabolize these phytochemicals into cannabis.

The psycho-activity is the main reason why this plant is considered as illegal. The so-called “high” feeling comes from the THC which is tetrahydrocannabinol but is important to mention that that is only one cannabinoid when we know that here are more than 85. Most of them are not psychoactive but all have recuperating effects.

CBD or Cannabidiol is the second-most predominant cannabinoid in cannabis. When it is used as medicinal treatment is obtained from cannabis with some trace of THC.


When it comes to treatment and health cannabis is mostly used for chronic pains. CBD represent a complex mechanism when is used for relieving pain.

The nerves in the body, particularly the peripheral nerves have cannabinoid receptors; these receptors attach CBD at first when it enters in the body and block the pain signals to the brain.

Beta-caryophyllene thought the other non-psychotropic cannabinoids involved in the process. This substance: it has a molecular structure different from most other cannabinoids to provide a dual approach to inflammation of the nerve and the reception of pain. Beta-caryophyllene is found in other herbs such as oregano, basil, black pepper, and cinnamon.

Cannabinoids block not only the purpose of bread is also to reduce inflammation leads to bread. In addition, they regulate the immune system that supports the body’s efforts to heal itself.


Recent research conducted at the University of Michigan proved that medicinal cannabis can decrease the intake of opioid painkillers.

The participants in the study showed 64% reduction of the use of the regularly prescribed painkillers. With not so many side effect and also improved the quality of life after the usage of the cannabis for reducing pains.

This study also had shown some facts about the overdosing comparing to other opioids. So according to this study, the cannabis is valued almost with the same effect as the other opioids.

The study has almost proven the theory that cannabis can replace the use of opioids in dealing with pain treatments.

Interesting fact speaks for the reduced overdose deaths since the legalization of marijuana even for 25%. Still, it is worth to mention that there is no case of medicinal marijuana overdose.

These are very important information and crucial because Americans are a nation with over 30% who suffer from chronic pain.


The effectiveness of cannabis support ‘to relieve pain are numerous studies and patient testimonials, leading to an institution such as the Oregon School of Medicine’s School of Health Sciences and currencies in treatment methods using alternative opiate addiction no. In addition to the risk of overdose, opiates are very addictive.

According to United press, the use of opiates and addiction has become an epidemic in the US because of doctors on prescribing opioid medications for the treatment of chronic pain … emerging data suggest indications that drugs targeting the Endocannabinoid system can produce analgesia with fewer side effects than opioids.

With regard to the safety of medical marijuana, the consensus is clear: it is safer to use than ibuprofen. In fact, the University of Montreal conducted a study on the safety of the use of medical marijuana to treat chronic pain. With an exception of adverse events in a group of 215 study participants: Medical cannabis is used by more than one year has been associated with pain improvement, function, quality of life and cognitive function.


Health condition represented by extensive musculoskeletal pain is known by the name fibromyalgia. This health disorder can cause problems related to fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. It can be triggered suddenly and it is a type of very specific and serious neurological problem.

Drugs used for treating this health issue are types of prescribed pain relievers, antidepressants, and medication used in seizures.

Survey conducted back in 2014 showed  that 62% of patients who suffer from fibromyalgia found marijuana treatment to be very effective in the pain relieving treatment,  other 33% had a little bit help from the marijuana, while the percentage over the traditional medication was with results of 8-10% satisfied and 22-32% find them a little helpful and effective.


Smoking cannabis or vaping does not appeal for any useful purpose as this is not the only way to absorb cannabinoids. The plant can be applied topically, injected or ingested as well; How it is best delivered depends on the types and places of bread.

Back in November 2016, Cannabis Science in California Conflicts Announcement release “bread patch” for the transdermal administration of medical marijuana; Is to play white in the market for the treatment of fibromyalgia and pain neuropathy implementation of ICT target can easily be extended to other diagnoses. Similar to nicotine patches used to help stop smoking, the sticky patch is applied to the affected areas where cannabis is absorbed into the skin and enters the bloodstream.

The new release states: … patch provides controlled release drug delivery to a patient, typically by any porous membrane that covers the drug reservoir or body heat through the thin layers of fusion drug incorporated In the adhesive will contain the high potency of cannabinoids (CBD) which is slowly extracted into the blood stream and then enter the central nervous system.

Listed biotechnology companies see the development of their bread stains as the “tip of the iceberg”. They are currently researching other applications and delivery methods of cannabis.

It is noteworthy that Medical Mari is already selling cannabis and transdermal patches and transdermal medicines. These patches are available in Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Michigan and Oregon

Pain is a symptom, not the cause. While relief from pain, do what you can get at the root of the problem. Start by changing levels of nutrition, lifestyle, and stress. For the exchange of this thesis, do not underestimate the medicinal use of cannabis.


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