Bully Sets 13-Year-Old Girl’s Hair On Fire While Her Classmates Stand By And Laugh


Unfortunately, there are some kids who can be mean to their classmates. They haven’t had a lot of experience in the real world, and they sometimes don’t see events in a mature manner.

Some children enjoy performing for others who are around, and they tend to do things in front of a video camera that are not always the smartest or the nicest things to do.

Nevaeh Robinson had her thumb broken by a classmate about two years ago when she was 11. Her parents put her in a different school, but she’s still dealing with some of the same issues that she experienced before by other kids.

Nevaeh was waiting for her bus one morning, minding her own business like she was supposed to be doing. One of the children waiting at the bus stop with her took out a lighter to set her hair on fire.

The little girl panicked about her hair being on fire.


Nevaeh thought that there was a chance that she could die if the fire wasn’t put out. Her hair was quickly burned, and she had to wear a cover over her head to protect her scalp once she was finally able to get the help she needed and get to a hospital. Her mother knows that there could have been different results.

She’s glad her daughter is still alive, but she is upset with the actions of the children.

What do you think of this heartbreaking situation? What do you think should be done? Let us know in the comments and spread the word so parents everywhere can prevent something like this from happening to their own children.

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