Best Way to Make a Smoothie (Infographic Tutorial)


One of the easiest ways to get nutrients to your body is by drinking liquids; not just any liquid but fully packed, high nutritious juices.  And to make your drinking spree more enjoyable, make some smoothie.  Here are some tips how to make the best smoothie for you and your family.

Choose the liquid – make this the first thing to put into the blender to cover the wall and the blades for the process to kick-off properly.  The liquid depends on your preference and restrictions, if there is any.

Fruits and vegetable delight – whether you like an all-fruit smoothie, and then select a combination of your favorite fruits; same goes with the vegetables.  Just make sure to use frozen ones.  Also remember these pointers:  use less ice if you’ll use more fruits or vegetables.  Plus, check if the fruit or vegetable carries more juice, then add less liquid in your concoction.

Extras – adding a little extra like won’t hurt your smoothie.  In fact, it is recommended to add flavor and zest to your drink to make it more loaded with nutrients.

Add some ice – give your smoothie a thicker texture by adding some cubes.  It also tones down the sweetness plus, makes it cooler and more refreshing.

After trying several mixtures, you’ll be able to make that perfect smoothie that will bring you to a better and healthy you.

best way to make a smoothie

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