Baked cheese balls


OK, so we did the experiment with the egg roll wrappers and string cheese to make baked cheese sticks and they turned out alright…but nothing to write home about. These, my friends, were not the same outcome. Yes, I used the leftover string cheese from the above recipe.  Yes, I used the leftover mix of breading from my baked zucchini chips that I kept in an airtight container in the cupboard until I figured out what to do with it.  And, yes, marrying those two ingredients together made the best homemade cheeseball I’ve made to date. Booyah!

Cut your sticks into balls, dip in skim milk, and toss in the breading….

I actually don’t know how long I baked them because I watched them the whole time thinking they were going to cheesily explode in the oven because how could the cheese not just melt instead of staying in between the teeniest layer of breading that I could barely see after I put them on the greased baking sheet?  I would say 10 minutes or less….in the oven at 400 degrees.  And here you go…food porn.  My mouth is watering….just as it was when I was watching them cook.  And I was not disappointed.



Don’t mind the shadows in the pictures, they’re irrelevant.  I needed these pictures quickly so I could go nuzzle on the couch with my cheese.  Nope, Main Man wasn’t home.  I got to have some quality cheese cuddling time all by my lonesone….don’t tell 🙂


Use fat free cheese sticks (they don’t melt as easily).
Use a pizzazz.
Put the cheese balls in the freezer before baking so they won’t melt.
Lower the temperature if you have a hot oven.
Use a pizza stone.
Use a convection oven.
Spray with cooking spray or olive oil.

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