Ann Cameron cured her stage 4 cancer with carrot juice, nothing else!


Ann Cameron, the woman who writes children`s books, was diagnosed with colon cancer.

Since it had developed in the 3rd stage, a surgery was needed. But, she was much experienced with cancer after her husband`s death from lung cancer. Namely, her husband was exposed to chemotherapy which wasn’t helpful at all.

Therefore, Ann decided to refuse the chemo and all the side effects it may cause, and turn to the natural remedies.

For that purpose, she wrote the issue on her blog and people from all over the world shared their experiences and stories with each other.

Six months after the surgery, Ann was informed that her cancer had spread to her lungs and reached stage 4.


Then she began searching for alternative solutions on the internet. She was amazed by Ralph Cole`s story about carrot juice. Namely, he wrote that he used to make a juice of 2.5 kilos of carrots and drink it during the day.

After that, she decided to try this treatment and tried consuming the same dose of carrots in one day.

Two months later, the cancer had stopped developing, the tumor in her lungs shrunk, and the swelling of the lymph glands in her lungs was lowered.

After two more months, the tumor kept reducing and the glands were totally normal.

After 8 months, Ann went to a tomography which showed that the cancer was completely removed from her body.

Carrots contain high amounts of carotene and fatty alcohol which is able to prevent formation of tumor. It also has anticancer properties  that can remove the cancer naturally and without side effects.

At the end, Ann wrote her story about the fight with cancer with the help of carrot juice in a book and published it. You can also search for it on the internet.

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