Looking for the best legs of your life?
This amazing inner thigh workout only takes 20 minutes and will give you muscle definition you never thought possible! I apologize right now for any soreness you may experience tomorrow… or the next day… or the next ?
1. Slide lunges
slide lunge
Can be done with a paper plate or plastic lid on the carpet or in socks/on a towel on hardwood
1 minute
2. Sumo squat to thruster
sumo squatthruster
I love me some good wide Sumo squats; I love me some thrusters (add a military to your squat); let’s combine them!
1 minute
3. Speed skater lunge

Jump laterally onto your right foot and let your left foot cross back behind. Now leap to your left allowing your right foot to cross back behind.
1 minute
4. Goblet squat

Wide squats holding some kind of resistance at chest level.
1 minute
5. Bridge with ball squeeze
bridge with ball squeeze
Squeeze a medicine ball, pillow, basketball, rolled-up towel, etc while doing your bridges.
1 minute
6. Ball passes
ball pass exercise
Laying on your back with a Swiss ball between your feet, bring your feet and hands towards the ceiling and pass the ball from your feet to your hands. Return to laying on the floor and then repeat, passing the ball from your hands to your feet.
1 mintue
7. Rest
Well I’m not a complete sadist.
1 minute
Feeling it? Good! Now repeat it three times!!!

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