Amazing Anti-Inflammatory, Gut Healing, Purifying Sleepytime Drink


Considered as one of the most powerful spices used in Indian cuisine, turmeric is a real powerhouse of healthy properties.  This ancient herb has found its way in the books of haldi (Ayurvedic age-old books), and for a very good reason.

Some of the most common benefits linked to turmeric consumption or its topical use include boosting immunity, internal healing, improving virility, and curing wounds.  So, apart from being used as a spice, turmeric can be safely used as a remedy for nearly all possible ailments.

What makes turmeric so special and beneficial to human health is the presence of a chemical compound known as curcumin,” explained Dr. Ashutosh Gautam, Clinical Operations and Coordination Manager at Baidyanath.

Curcumin itself has been shown to offer a wide plethora of health benefits, including the following:

  • Alleviate pain and fever associated with illness
  • Relieve arthritis pain, thanks to its potent anti-inflammatory properties
  • Heal and soothe the digestive tract as well as prevent ulcers thanks to its antiseptic properties
  • Improve blood circulation and thin the blood (never use it if you are already on a blood-thinning medication)
  • Detoxify the liver and improve the flow of bile ( gallstone prevention)
  • Fight skin infections, allergies, and disorders

In addition to this, “A host of scientific investigations have also looked at the ability of curcumin to fight cancer. Curcumin kills several types of cancer cells in the laboratory. In animals, curcumin prevents or slows cancer in the skin, breast, liver, fore-stomach, duodenum and colon. Curcumin also has anti-angiogenic properties; translation: curcumin seriously slows new blood vessel formation in tumors, causes asphyxiation of tumors and thus preventing their growth and metastases.”

But, how does combining it with milk help. As explained by Dr. Gautam, “It is because curcumin has the ability to get absorbed in the fat and tissues of our body and that is how it benefits the body. Milk becomes a smooth medium through which curcumin travels better and speedier to those fats and tissues facilitating its better absorption.”

Adding ginger to turmeric milk is a very good idea as it enhances the anti-inflammatory properties, particularly for the gut. Honey, which is an optional ingredient in this recipe, offers a wide range of health benefits on its own. Ultimately, coconut milk is packed with healthy fats as well as antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.


  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • 1″ piece of ginger sliced
  • 2 cups coconut milk
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper ( used to further help the absorption of curcumin in the body)
  • Raw honey to sweeten, optional


  • Add all the ingredients in a pan and mix well (expect honey )
  • Heat over medium heat until it reaches a boiling point
  • Lower the heat and simmer for a few minutes
  • Strain out the ginger root
  • Stir in the honey

In a small jar, mix three tablespoons turmeric, two teaspoons black pepper, and a tablespoon powdered ginger. To use, mix a teaspoon of this mix with a cup of milk.


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