A Month After Eating Two Bananas A Day: The Effects Will Leave You Breathless!


Nowadays people are always in a hurry to get somewhere and don’t have the time to eat healthy so they often choose fast food. Vegetables are very low on scale of food selection.

Scientists and nutritionists say that it is not clear why people from the west choose that kind of food instead of healthy and nutritious one.

Let’s take bananas for instance. It is the favorite food for monkeys and that is because its tastes perfect and it is very healthy and beneficial.

Nutritionists say that if you consume 2 bananas a day for a month, your overall health will improve.

This is how and why:

  • Bananas contain low amount of sodium and high amounts of potassium which makes it excellent for blood pressure and keeping the heart healthy. Scientists say that two bananas a day lower the risk of a heart attack by 40%
  • If you have digestive issues then bananas are great for you. They are rich in fiber which solves intestines problems.
  • Bananas are also energy boosters and a healthy choice for a snack, especially before working out. So, if you are an athlete, always have bananas in your bag.
  • Bananas alleviate heartburn as they are a good source of antacid which can help regulate this condition.
  • They are also good for people who lack iron because they contain substances that induce the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin, and are also helpful for anemic people.
  • Bananas alleviate sore throats and coughs
  • Bananas contain tryptophan which is a substance used by the body to turn it into serotonin, the happiness hormone. So whenever you feel down, eat a banana.

Researchers have also discovered that students, who eat banana for breakfast, snack or after lunch, are much more concentrated in class. This happens thanks to the high levels of potassium in bananas which induces brain work and makes learning and memorizing an easier task.

Bananas are also a great option for pregnant women because they will relieve the burden that affects pregnant women. They can also help with morning sickness as they increase the blood sugar levels.

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