8 Surprising Ways To Use ChapStick You Might Not Know About


There’s nothing like getting a little bit of extra use out of a product that you have lying around your house anyway.

If you’re as thrifty as we are over here at LittleThings, that means trying to get as much use as possible out of everything — just check out all of the non-cooking uses of olive oil to see this ethos in action!

The fact of the matter is, most things have more than one use, and we should all be taking advantage!

There’s no point in spending money on different products for every different dilemma, when one product could be taking care of them all in one fell swoop.

So naturally enough, when we see a tube of ordinary lip balm, we don’t just see a product that can heal our chapped lips, we see a miracle cure for just about everything that ails us!

Scroll through the gallery below to see a few of our favorite uses for this unassuming household product.

#1: Protect Against Blisters

Getting a new pair of shoes is great, but the blisters that come with them? Not so much.

Next time you buy a new pair of flats that will take a few wears to break in, prepare your feet by smearing lip balm on your skin.

Find all the places the shoes rub (like the back of the heels) and liberally coat in balm to prevent those stinging blisters.

#2: Remove A Ring

There’s a special kind of anxiety involved in getting a ring stuck on your finger.

Whether you’re in a jewelry store and misjudged your size, or your fingers are swelling from weather or illness, it can be a real hassle to get a stuck ring free.

Next time it happens to you, grease up the edge with the waxy contents of a lip balm, and watch the ring slip right off.

#3: Seal Small Cuts And Hangnails

If you’re prone to paper cuts, or acquire new hangnails every other day, it might be a good idea to keep some lip balm handy.

Lip balm is no substitute for a bandage, but it’s a great way to seal a small sore spot or cut from the elements and encourage it to heal.

Next time you get a hangnail, use a clean lip balm to cover it up and keep it from getting worse.

#4: Tame Your Flyaways

Most of us are involved in a daily battle to keep our hair under control, and ordinary lip balm might be the secret weapon we’ve been waiting for.

For one thing, if you like your hair slicked back in a ponytail or bun, you can use some balm to keep the frizz under control.

Meanwhile, between eyebrow waxes, you can keep your stray caterpillar hairs under control with a little taming lip balm.

#5: Soothe A Sore Nose

Perhaps the best known alternative use for lip balm is on a chapped nose!

When you’ve had a cold for a few days, the misery of being sick is only enhanced by the misery of your nose slowly growing more raw and sore every time you blow it.

Next time, make sure to smooth on lip balm between sneezes to help protect your nose and keep the pain at bay!

#6: Open Sticky Windows

Windows warp and change with the seasons, which means that every time the weather changes your windows probably get stuck.

Whether they’re wedged open and refusing to close, or stubbornly stuck shut, lip balm might be the solution.

Use the balm to grease any part of the window track you can access, then put some muscle into it. You should finally conquer that tricky window!

#7: Shine Your Shoes

Don’t let a few scuff marks on your shiny new shoes get you down!

If you own leather shoes, it’s a good idea to take them to a cobbler from time to time for shining and minor repairs.

But in between, you can give them a tune-up by applying a little lip balm to scuffs and rough patches, and rubbing it in thoroughly.

#8: Keep Your Laces Tied

If you’re one of those people who trips over your shoelaces every time you stand up, this is a tip to bookmark.

Next time you tie your shoes, double-knot them, then lacquer the knot with plenty of lip balm.

The slippery balm will cause the laces to pull against each other, slowly tightening the knot as you move.

Which of these awesome lip balm hacks do you think you’ll use?

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