7 Surprising Signs That a Loved One May Be Suffering from Depression


To support, a research made by the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance revealed that around 14.8 million of Americans are being diagnosed with “major depressive disorder” every year.

Due to the fact that the usual symptoms of depression are usually negative in nature, the most common reaction would be to either ignore the sufferer or write him off completely. What these people aren’t aware of is that, if they would only be familiar with the common signs of depression, they would have the ability of helping their loved ones and give the kind of support they need during their darkest times.

To help you with that, we have created a list about the 7 surprising signs that a loved one may be suffering from depression, together with the corresponding ways on how to help them manage depression.

Read on to find out what these symptoms are.

Sign #1: Feeling Restless Every Night
Due to the fact that a lot of us are getting hooked with our smartphone, and other digital devices, insomnia has become a normal thing for a lot of people. However, it’s important to note that chronic sleeping troubles can also be an indication that your loved one is suffering from depression.

Those who find it hard to fall asleep, or has the tendency of waking in the middle of the night or during the wee hours of the morning, are probably suffering from depression as their minds are pretty much occupied with negative thoughts that it’s hard for them to fall asleep. To resolve that, try to clear out your head a few hours before going to bed by watching a feel-good movie, reading a book, or focus on positive thoughts instead.

Sign #2: Sudden Changes in One’s Diet
A sudden increase or loss of appetite will never be a good thing, and can be a symptom of depression.

It’s highly advisable to monitor your weight every month, because a change of more than 5% of the body weight is not considered to be healthy.

Sign #3: Constant Pains and Ache
A lot of people misinterpret those who suffer from depression as complainer or whiners– they usually complain about their health issues, saying that something doesn’t feel right in their body.

WebMD suggests that those who are suffering from depression usually experience constant headaches, pains, digestive problems, cramps, and body aches.

Sign #4: Being Negative Most of the Time
Negativity is contagious; that’s why people would rather avoid pessimists that help them out. Negativity and pessimism can actually be a sign of a more serious problem that one should pay attention to.

According to, it’s quite normal for us to feel annoyed whenever we have to deal with those who bicker constantly and would only deliver complaints and negative opinions. However, instead of getting irked on this type of people, it would be better to have a talk with them, because there’s probably a bigger problem that should be dealt with.

Sign #5: Sudden Loss of Interest
A person who used to love doing certain things, but suddenly became disinterested for no apparent reason should raise a red flag– he/she may be depressed.

A person with depression often loses his interest with their formal hobbies and likes. Basically, they’ve lost the ability to appreciate happiness and pleasure.

Sign #6: Poor Hygiene
This one is a giveaway– if your loved stopped caring for himself and have neglected his appearance completely, then there’s a huge possibility that he’s depressed, and find it useless to look better.

Sign #7: Reckless Behavior
Since a lot of people who are suffering from depression thinks that they have already lost everything, engaging in reckless behavior seem normal to them. They engage in compulsive gambling, substance abuse, dangerous sports, and reckless driving.

What Can Be Done?
If you suspect that you or your loved one is suffering from depression, don’t lose hope. There are plenty of ways on how to combat depression, as long as the person suffering from it would be willing to move forward.

Lastly, aside from being aware of these signs, the best thing that can be done if you suspect your loved one to be suffering from depression is to seek professional help as early as possible. Through this, you’ll be able to guide them on the right path of recovery and happiness.

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