7 Amazing Health Benefits of Farting


Benefit number #4: It helps you with your diet

What you eat now you’ll smell later. Onions or garlic or cabbage, which are good for you and high in fiber, might produce something you can believably blame on the dog. Excessive amounts of red meat, which you know isn’t great for you, might smell like a garbage fire, so you know to cut back.

Benefit number #5: They expose bigger problems

You know your own brand. We all do. In fact, studies by some dedicated, possibly nose-less researchers have blown the lid off a ground-breaking revelation: We don’t think our own farts smell as horrifying as others do. So when we’re in particularly bad form, or launching vapor clouds more often than usual (without having beans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner), it’s probably a good time to see the doctor.

Benefit number #6: It gives you a sweet relief

Sometimes it’s the small things that make your day — the dew drops on the flowers in your garden, the green lights on the way to work, not having to hold in a fart. Because when you get called into your boss’s office for a one-on-one meeting, you don’t want your concentration to be split between salary negotiations and marshalling every muscle in your body to not let an eye-watering fart shake your chair. Is there any better feeling than finally unclenching?

Benefit number #7: Lets talk about the Gut Bacteria

Do you remember all those commercials that tried to sell us one thing: the gut bacteria! These are one of the healthiest bacteria’s in the world and they actually help us to break down our meals faster. They are not only healthy, but they can also release some chemicals that can boost the human immune system! Lets not forget that these bacteria also produce more and stronger gas!

You can Google all the other benefits of these amazing bacteria!

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