7 Amazing Health Benefits of Farting


In the world we are living right now, farting is one of the biggest taboos in our books. We all know that most of the farts stink and that they can be very disturbing to others around us. Everyone has a story of its own about letting loose a fart in front of a group of people. I can tell you that it will not make the group happy and they will also laugh at you for the rest of the day if not the rest of the month. So we should never try to impress someone by farting. Choose another tactic to impress someone in your group or at work!

Farts could also be great equalizers for us. So lets not be disappointed in the way our body works daily. Lets start to understand our body!

Before we continue reading this article, lets try to share some of our ‘fart stories’ in the comment section! We all do it and we all know that it’s something natural!

Benefit number #1: It helps with relieving bloating

It’s especially true that after a meal, many of us feel like our pants don’t fit right. And that’s because they don’t; the portion sizes, fatty foods, and speed at which we eat can all put pressure on our digestive tracts and cause distension. Firing off a room-clearing blast can help you get your jeans done up again.

Benefit number #2: Colon Health

There’s no discomfort quite like the feeling of an un-farted fart. That unrealized potential sits in your middle and messes up your day until it makes its way down the tubes. In extreme — and rare — cases where the intestines have become blocked, that build-up of gas can be downright dangerous. So feel free to let ‘er rip!

Benefit number #3: Lets talk about prevention

According to our friends at the Exeter University in England, it is a good thing to wilt your houseplants with one of your fart bombs. This prevents future health problems. And one of these farts with the rotten eggs smells can also prevent strokes, dementia and hearth attacks. So next time you smell one of these in your meetings, just know that they just want to help you to prevent a future health crisis. Haha!

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