20 Practical Uses For Coca Cola – Proof That Coke Does Not Belong In The Human Body


Coca Cola is one of USA’s favorite drink and many people drink it as if it was water. Refreshing as it may be, it’s good to know that Coca Cola has the acidity level of battery acid and reacts as an acid cleaner. You can guess that this isn’t good, especially inside your body. Drinking it can wear off your tooth enamel and make your teeth more prone to decay. Moreover, according to pH tests, Coca Cola’s  pH value is 2.5. In comparison, water has a pH value of 7, while battery acid 1.

Coca Cola could be very useful but not for refreshments. It can find its way around your kitchen as a cleaning agent and we’ll show you how to use it, hoping that after reading this you’ll understand that coke doesn’t belong in the human body. Here are 20 practical uses of Coke in your home:

      1. Blood stains on your clothes can disappear easily if you rub them with some Coke..
      2. You can use Coke to polish pennies.
      3. You can also use it to descale a kettle.
      4. Use Coke to clean the toilet bowl. Pour some inside, leave it for a while and just flush. It acts as a disinfectant, leaving behind nothing but shine.
      5. Grease stains from clothes and other fabrics can be very easily removed with Coke.
      6.  Pour some on the floor of your garage to clean the oil stains and then hose off.
      7. Its high concentration of acid makes it a perfect tool against snails and slugs.
      8. You can use it to eliminate the rust stains from your pool. Just pour 2 liters of Coke in the pool, and let it act for few minutes.
      9. Soak a sponge or a cloth, or even an aluminum foil in Coke and it will help you remove rust and rusty bolts.
      10. If you want to clean the car battery terminals pour  a bit of Coke to clean them.
      11. If you have a gum stuck in your hair, dip it in some Coke and keep it for 2 minutes. The gum will fall right off.
      12. Coke can be used for cleaning engines.
      13. You can remove paint from your metal furniture with Coke. Dip a towel in it, and ruthe paint stains with it. They’ll come right off.
      14. Pour a bit of Coke on the kitchen floor, leave it to act, and then wipe it to clean the tile grout.
      15. Coke can help you fade or remove the hair dye.
      16. You can polish chrome with Coke and aluminum foil.
      17. It’s very effective for cleaning the stains off vitreous china.
      18. Do you have marker stains on the carpet? Clean it with Coke, just pour a bit of it, scrub, and rinse with soapy water.
      19. This will not be useful but it’s good to know. Coke can dissolve a tooth. Place a tooth in a sealed container filled with Coke and leave it for a longer time. It will dissolve.
      20. Cleaning your pans has never been easier. Soak them in some Coke, leae them a bit and then rub and rinse well. The burnt marks will disappear.

When Coke can do all of this, just imagine what it does to your stomach and the whole body! It’s very harmful, so try to drink it in smaller quantities or don’t drink it at all, but feel free to replace all the cleaning products with this amazing drink!


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