12 Dangerous Bedtime Habits That You Should Always Avoid


The following bedtime habits are very common and many people are repeating them without being aware of the side-effects they can cause.

These habits are particularly harmful for your sleeping routine because they can cause insomnia making you unable to sleep enough in order to get proper rest.

  • Drinking water

No water drinking before bed since you might have to run to urinate in the middle of the night

  • Taking naps during the day

Never nap during the day daily. Keep the sleeping hours for the night and go to bed at the same time every day. That way the brain shuts down easier.

  • Using electronic devices before sleep

Remove electronic gadgets in your area of sleep. Never use the phone or laptop an hour before you sleep, since that brightness wakes up the brain.

  • Reading

Also keep in mind that reading is also bad, since it keeps you interested. Never go to bed with a book by your side.

  • Using alarm clock with bright digits

Don’t purchase alarm clock with bright digits, their light will disturb the darkness for sleeping. Use dimmer clocks.

  • Using a low-quality mattress

Opt for expensive good mattress. On it you will sleep sound and firm and you will wake up fresher.

  • Eating before bedtime

Eat dinner 2-3 hours BEFORE sleeping, no later. Otherwise the belly is full and heavy and you digest food during sleep.

  • Exercising every day

Workout daily since it makes you tired after the session and gives energy in the meantime. But, never workout before sleeping, a few hours or so.

  • Having cold feet

If you have cold feet, put socks on.

  • Not having a daily regime

Set the brain in sleep mode by making a certain daily regime. Start with the bathroom, brush teeth and wash face and the brain will memorize this.

  • Drinking coffee before bedtime

4-5 hours before sleep don’t even think of coffee. The caffeine boosts the heart and whole body and you WON’T sleep.

  • Not sleeping in the right position

Find a good and favorite sleep position so you won’t have to toss and turn all the time and be in pain in the morning. Sleep on the side always, it is proven to be the best.


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