11 simple exercises that anyone with knee pain needs to start doing


If you have aching knees the best medicine for you is exercise. There are many useful exercises that are helpful to stabilize the joint and to reduce the pain. These exercises strengthen the muscles and ligaments supporting the knee joints and decrease the chances of injury.

When muscles around the knee joint are strong, they reduce the amount of stress on the joints. To get maximum benefit from these exercises, it is imperative to observe the right technique and follow the instructions correctly.



Before doing any exercise proper warm up is necessary and this is more important if you have bad knees. When you do warm up exercises before any exercise, the blood to that area improves and the muscle stiffness decreases. These effects make exercise easy and decrease the chances of any injury or muscle sprains.

Before doing any exercises for bad knees, make sure to warm yourself up by doing some brisk walking or static stretches. Around twenty minutes of warm up activity will prepare your knees and your whole body for the more strenuous exercise routines.

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