10 Herbs You Can Grow Indoors in Water All Year Long


Herbs normally have culinary, medicinal, and relaxation properties. As such, it can be great if you have a constant supply of them throughout the year.

You can achieve this by growing some of the herbs in the kitchen.

Here, we present you an amazing technique of growing the herbs, which doesn’t require regular watering or changing of the soil.

How to grow herbs in water:

Take some herb cuttings and then put them in glass bottles with plain water. Make sure the water is not chlorinated as the bleaching chemical can destroy the plant tissues.

Consider storing some rain water or leaving some tap water to air overnight.

Choose a mason jar, a glass bottle, or even a plastic bottle for your herbs. It’s advisable to use colored bottles as the roots don’t need to be exposed to light.

Namely, the darkness will prevent algae growth on the bottle as well as on the root.

You should also avoid tight-fitting containers as the mouth of the container needs to promote a free transition of air to allow for proper breathing of the plant roots.

Pick soft cutting roots and then cut some 6-inch sections from the growing herbs.

Place them in the containers, removing the lower leaves since they can rot in the water and spoil it.

For herbs like rosemary, you should change the water once a week.

However, you shouldn’t change the water once the roots start growing, which is within  2-6 weeks.

To accelerate the growth, soak a few willow branches in warm water overnight and then use them as a mixture of a soothing hormone.

Rooting hormone powder can also work well.

Here are 10 herbs that can be grown in water:

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